Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where in the World is Moose Nuggets??

*Pokes head in*
Yep, we are still alive. We hit a few snares in the road which led to not having Internet for a few days, but I'm back, with my faithful companion, Beans!
We are busy trying to get settled into the new place (which feels like heaven, compared to the squirrel infested dwelling we left)... but I WILL be back this week with all kinds of tales from Delta Junction about our adventures in moving.
Right now, though, Beans is protesting and The Ol' Ball and Chain (um, I mean, my loving husband) is also whining. One of them is cutting teeth and the other wants to be fed. I have to figure out which is which.

Hope all my readers are doing well! I've sure missed given y'all the moose poop scoop!