Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Return of Moose Nuggets

Hello? Anyone out there still?
If so, I'll be returning soon. I am going to have a "Mother's Helper" through the summer for the sole purpose of being able to get into the library to do Internet stuff again.
Life has been busy in the Moose Nugget household. We are officially Chicken Farmers, with a flock of 51 chickens. The garden is in, and as long as we get a fence up before the moose discover the broccoli (and everything else), we are looking good for growing a fair amount of our veggies this year. A mishap with the freezer getting unplugged fir a few days has us looking forward to hunting season and the next big fishing trip, and we are working on putting up buildings and clearing land to be able to raise a few more food animals next year.
It amazes me that all the hard work of the last few months fits into a small paragraph of nondescript words... We sure have been busy!

Beans is getting smarter by the minute. Every day, I am glad we decided to home school.

Little Nugget is still, well, little. And the doctors still don't know what's wrong with her. It's an ongoing saga that hardly deserves mention at the moment, not because it lacks importance, but because the whole situation just makes me mad. At this point, doctors are WAY overstepping their boundaries, and as test free test comes back negative and Little Nugget continues to do everything except get fat (healthy in every other way), we (me, J, and every other human being with an ounce of common sense) would like to be left in peace with our SMALL but otherwise HEALTHY daughter. Those that lack sense (aka- The Doctors) have gone nuts with their requests for tests and various other baloney.
More on that another day. If I get on that soapbox today, there's gonna be trouble in Moose Nugget Land.

The Little Farm on the Tundra is my peace and tranquility these days. The land has thawed and even gotten "hot" by our standards (80 something degrees today!) The return of summer has chickens clucking in the yard, chicks peeping in the hen house, laundry fluttering on the line, and that summery scent of plants growing in dirt, mingling with the smell of bug spray (natural and non toxic, of course!) and sunscreen.
This year, the full daylight isn't bothering me as much as it had the last couple summers. I must be adjusting. I haven't even pulled out the room darkening shades yet!

Will have to try to post some pics of the farm. The garden is big, quaint, and useful. The greenhouse is full. The chickens are a sight and "Farm TV" is all we watch now. My favorite episode is where "Ricky Bobby" (our rooster) chases Big Momma, Baby Girl, and Little Red (the hens) around the yard, calling them over when he finds a cache of beetles or a tasty treat in the yard. The bees, mosquitoes, and flies are the supporting actors in this episode, pollinating, buzzing, and searching for food. The backdrop is a front porch cluttered with planter boxes of "Herbs d'Italiano", mint, and various tea herbs, while the girls test their skills riding trikes or playing in the dirt. Our days are sweaty and dirty and so much fun.
It's gonna be a good summer.

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails