Friday, April 10, 2009

She's Here!

Just a quick note from a very tired new mommy!
I don't normally like to share super personal info online, but...
Ruthie Elizabeth has arrived!

We spent two weeks in the hotel in Fairbanks, waiting for that "any day now" our midwife promised.
I'll spare everyone the details of the labor, but it was a LONG labor, which I did accomplish naturally. We are back home and everyone is on the mend.
Beans loves her new sister, but is currently mad at mommy. She is under the impression that New Little Nugget is HER baby, and rushes over to check on her for every squeak, squirm, and wiggle. Very cute.

She's a sweet baby... doing what babies do best. Nursing, sleeping, pooping. And staring in sweet baby amazement at all the things going on around her.

I will try to get some pictures up soon... it's on my list of new-mommy-things-to-do, but it's on a VERY long list right now, so please be patient!

Meanwhile, spring is finally springing, Alaska style around here. I never thought I would find it possible to sweat in 40 degrees, but I do. Airing out the house is a daily activity now, and so are the trips to the swings for Beans and Daddy, giving mommy and New Nugget a chance for some rest.

Stay tuned for reports on Bean's first Easter Egg Hunt. She was too little to care about Easter last year, but this year, has been suspiciously eyeing packages of candy, baskets, and egg dyeing kits. Daddy is taking Beans to her Easter Egg hunt this afternoon (on base), and she will wake up Sunday to more chocolate than any toddler should be allowed to consume, as well as her fair share of miscellaneous "junk in a basket", that should buy me a few moments of quiet time, right? *grin*

And once again, not to get "religious" on y'all... but I just want to give a little heads up about the meaning of Easter.
Easter is the reason jerks like me (and all the rest of us) are able to have a relationship with our Creator, and find forgiveness for all the really crappy things we've done in life. It's not the birth of Jesus, or even His life... and only in part his death. The truth is, He was the sacrifice for our sins and shortcomings, and most importantly...
He is Risen!

I hope your Easter morning is full of sunshine, wherever you are. I love sunny Easter mornings... a clear reminder that no matter how crummy a life you might have to be living, there is something bigger out that there than all of us, who loves us and wants a relationship with us.

Oh, I'm not talking about church (y'all know how I feel about that and religious religion!). I'm talking about GOD, the guy who has created each of us, fearfully and wonderfully made. Go have some relationship with him. However you do that. For me, it will be watching my two beautiful girls, enjoying a few balmy arctic breezes, and hopefully, a clear view of these amazing mountains... and thanking Him, for giving me a chance to be better than "the scum of the earth".
Easter is all about the potential to be better people. Don't forget to go love your neighbor (however you define that) today. And if you are having an Easter feast, remember the people who have no one. Y'all know by now how I feel about all the lonely people on the holidays. Don't forget to love someone "unlovable" today... just like God loved you during your unlovable times.

I'm off to recover, nurse a baby, and snuggle a toddler. Until next time...
Happy Moose Trails!

SHAWN: your comment DID find us! We really enjoyed meeting you guys at the museum as well, and we are looking forward to a play date as soon as we are all back on our feet and feeling well.