Friday, June 27, 2008

Fresh Air

So, at the risk of sounding boring and ordinary, I have enjoyed the last few days of getting settled into a good routine. J and I finished unpacking the house and (almost) everything is where it belongs. The house is officially ready for company.

I have a new love. My clothesline. Yesterday was warm (about 75F) and dry (only 14% humidity!) I hung a load of wash outside, thick stuff, towels and diapers, and they were DRY in two hours! Um, that is almost as fast as our (not so) efficient dryer, which takes about 90 minutes to dry those loads (and more than that for the diapers), and it didn't cost us anything but 10 minutes of my time. With Beans in the baby backpack, we got it done, and she loved watching the laundry flutter in the breeze.

Yesterday's trip to town was exhausting, and I was glad to get back to North Pole. I sort of "stalked" my new friend, wanting to show Josh where she lived and a few of the houses along the way that had caught my eye. As we turned on the road to M's place, we came across her and the kids picking wildflowers. We were busted "stalking". (grin)

No matter, M was happy to see us and was more than happy to show J around the chickens and spend some time visiting. Her son took J for a 4 wheeler ride, then came back for me.
Um, I should mention that this city-girl has been on a 4 wheeler ONCE in my life. I opted not to ride my own machine, but let her 5 year old son take me for a ride on his. I was scared out of my wits, and am awed by the sheer bravery of my new little friend. And sensing my fear (maybe my screaming tipped him off?), he made the offer, "You can hold onto me, you'll feel safer."
Strangely enough, holding onto 40 lbs of 5 year old DID make me feel safer, though I was happy to return to the safety of the yard and M's couch.

We dawdled, happy for some company other than eachother and Beans, and got to meet M's husband, who made a good impression on J and he came home talking about how cool our new friends were. Turns out both men are avid fishers and M's husband has the skills in hunting and fishing to take Josh to the next level, from hobby to putting dinner on the table.

Today, Beans and I are off to the park. I got a phone call postponement/cancellation on the trip to the Salcha Fair, but Beans and I may make the trip solo. J said he passed the fairgrounds on the way to work this moring and it looked like we should have some good fun, if we aren't rained out over the weekend.

On a funny note, the weatherman gives sunrise and sunset times each morning, and has now taken to gravely announcing the loss of daylight, as if he is announcing a funeral.
"Sunrise at 3:00 am, sunset tomarrow morning at 12:45, a loss of 4 minutes from yesterday", and looking as grave and serious as Ted Kopel.
For me, the glass is half-full... we are gaining NIGHT, something I haven't seen in over a month now.

Ok. Off to the park!

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