Thursday, June 5, 2008

Greetings from North Pole

We've finally arrived! The flight in was amazing, and the scenic views leave me breathless on a daily basis. When we arrived (almost a month ago), the breakup was just getting started. The trees were still bare and the rivers were a tiny little trickle, as the ice was just starting to allow a small flow of water. Each week, our drive to Ft Greely (Delta Junction) reveals more greenery as the trees begin to bud, and the rivers are slowly gaining water and speed. I still love crossing Jarvis Creek each week, and watching the water cut new paths through the dry river beds.

A month into our stay, and we have JUST gotten our van back from the movers. We are still waiting for our household goods, and are growing tired of camping out in our cabin with Madderbug's Pack and Play and an air mattress. We discovered that we were very spoiled by the restaurant quality and services in the Lower 48. The selection isn't as great here, so we invested in a few pots and pans and have been making good use of the kitchen in the cabin for vittles. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times... Ill be so glad when our household goods get here!

So far, we've been busy trying to establish our residency, with trips into "town" (Fairbanks) to the DMV and various other places for all our paperwork. We've also been painting the interior of the house, as the previous tenants (um, the owners) had a serious liking for canary yellow, not exactly our tastes!

Moose sightings happen frequently, but mostly on our way to Delta Junction. The other day, there was a total of SIX, including a very young bull, with two little nubs of antler sticking out of his head. Also on the wildlife spotting have been eagles, prairie dogs, squirrels (they are small and red here!), and lots and lots rabbits (yummy!)

Everyone is adapting well and enjoyingthe 21 hours of daylight.

Ok. More on our adventures later, as Madderbeans is up and trying to "help" type!

Happy Moose Trails to everyone!

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Susan Stevenson said...

Welcome to Alaska! Take advantage of the summer, as it is very brief. Enjoy the 24 hours of daylight and soak it in, as you will need to recall these days when winter comes.

I hope your household goods make it soon. If you have time to explore, keep on going past Greely, and onward to the Paxson area. The scenery is amazing! In fact.. keep going to Valdez - the entire drive down the Richardson is nothing short of awe-inspiring.