Sunday, September 7, 2008

Daily Blabbering

First, thanks so much for all the support on my decision to keep nursing Beans. Ever have those mom moments where you KNOW what your instinct is telling you but the voice of "everyone else" makes you feel like a moron for following your instinct?
Yeah, I was kind of having one of those weeks. So thanks for all the support and kind words.

Things are still going well here, and we should know more on Tuesday when we see the doctor again. Should also be getting an ultrasound so we'll be able to check on the new little Nugget for sure.

I don't really have much to report today.
I'm having a doldrums kind of day... hard to get motivated, feeling swamped in laundry-and it doesn't help that Beans, who had a healthy helping of blueberries this week, is making sure I need to keep washing diapers.

I DID make a sad discovery this afternoon. I was really craving a fresh loaf of sourdough bread today. I had my heart set on a hot grilled cheese on fresh baked sourdough with a bowl of tomato soup. I even managed to get the energy up to make a fresh loaf of bread. And then, the discovery.
On my sourdough starter.
I used the starter last week, replenished it as usual, stirred a bazillion times like I'm supposed to.
HOW does this one have mold on it?
You know what I want to know? The secret of these women who have sourdough starters that they started 8 years ago. Seriously. Do they just scrape the mold off or something? Use it more frequently than I do? What's the trick?
In our house, the starter went down the drain. That's the second starter I've managed to ruin since we've gotten here. And it was JUST starting to get good and "sour".

It wasn't all bad though. I still needed to make bread.
Oh, I should mention: We don't buy store bought bread anymore, since we prefer the taste and nutrition of fresh, with fresh ground wheat.
That's my next present from J, he swears. My own grinder. Then we have a local source that will sell wheat berries for us to grind ourselves. I have to admit that we've gotten "spoiled" with the fresh ground wheat (which we get from a Fairbanks source for now). It makes an AMAZING difference in your breads, and the nutrition really is better than the stuff you can buy in the store.
I know, I know, we're crazy hippies. Tell us something we don't know.

ANYWAY, I digress...
I had to make bread anyway. And while I considered moping around about the fact that I didn't have a sourdough starter and procrastinating bread making until tomorrow, I remembered that I promised J a homemade taco pizza tomorrow night, which means I'll need my bread machine to make the dough.
It's been a while since I've made anything BUT whole wheat sourdough bread, so I dusted off a few of my trusty cookbooks and found a recipe I had forgotten about for "Hearty Oatmeal Bread". I'd never tried it with the fresh ground wheat, so it was a good opportunity. I let the machine make the dough, then shaped the loaf and baked it in the oven (much nicer crust that way!). And not only was it delicious, Beans ate a ton of it, which made me happy since she seems to be on another food boycott this weekend.
As a matter of fact, she made me REALLY happy when she took a bite and mimicked me, rubbing her belly and saying, "OOOH, YEAH!"

I know, I know, you are all thrilled to read about my culinary adventures, right? But, that's been our excitement today. Making bread.
And watching a movie that no pregnant and seriously emotional woman has any business watching, Saving Private Ryan.
Yeah. The same chick that was crying over Reading Rainbow decided to take on Saving Private Ryan. For the record, that ended about the same way that Reading Rainbow did... with me bawling like a baby and Beans laughing hysterically while she pounded me over the head with a block. And then, I somehow had to pull myself together to give Beans a bath.
Oh, I'm such a goof!

So, that's been our excitement today...
Next week should be somewhat more adventurous as we make a trip to Fairbanks to see the doctor and do our usual Moose Patrol. The scenery is absolutely stinkin' gorgeous these days! I'm excited to see what the drive looks like.

Well, off I go, to finish washing the mountain of diapers that Beans has left for me...

Until next time, Happy Moose Trails!


ixoyetattoo said...

I love reading about your totally average day. It's just like being with ya! Love to you and J and Beans!

Susan Stevenson said...

I know you like to sew, and I know you like to save money, and I found this blog through a friend's blog and thought of you immediately:

This entry made me think of Beans when we walked Chena lakes a few months back:

K. Fields said...

Sorry to hear about your sourdough starter going bad. I don't have an answer for that, it has happened to me a time or two also. Reading your post reminded me of when I was doing a lot of baking and cooking, don't do too much anymore now that the kids are all grown and on their own. Welcome to the Neighborhood by the way! :)