Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Snow Day Fun

How's that for a good reason to blow off the housework for the day? Isn't she stinkin' cute?
This was our "snowman". Beans helped. Well, she knocked our snowman's head off a few times and cackled like a mad scientist about it, while I put the poor little guy's head back on.
Alas, our snow did not last long. There are traces of it outside, but it's mostly just piles of mush now. We sure had fun while it lasted, though, and most of all, loved coming in and making some homemade hot cocoa!


Anonymous said...

Ah the first snow and USUALLY it's sticky enuf to make a snowman - that's COOL! I used to love to send the kids out to make their first snowman with lots of grass debris in the snow. :)

LynnMN said...

Awww, she's just to cute! Love the hat! First snow, how fun!

Tammy Kauffman said...

One of my favorite times when I lived in Fairbanks was getting the first snow. It was so much fun especially coming from the East Coast where you may have snow before Christmas but is was not likely until Jan or Feb. When I was there the first year, the snow came on Sept 27 and it seemed like it snow everyday after that. I would wake up to an inch of snow a day and come home to another inch. It was wonderful. I have pictures of my kids playing for the first time in the snow. The following year the kids were so adjusted to the weather my son was playing in the snow with a long sleeve shirt and sneakers. I had to make him put his jacket and gloves on. Can't wait to get back. It may not snow here in Kentucky until February but if they get a dusting school is closed. The kids like that but hate to make up the days at the end of the year. Take lots of pictures. I know I look back at my whenever we can. I love reading your blog. I get soooo excited when I find out you've written again. Keep up the good work.

Tammy missing Alaksa:(

Dawn's Life said...

Aw, Beans is so cute. I love your snowman. I miss snow =(

fox484 said...

I love reading your blog. I look forward to hearing about how Beans is doing and all of her antics. My son is almost 17 so I miss those days. The picture is adorable and she looks like she is ready to smash it as soon as the picture is taken. Delta Junction sounds like a wonderful place, my son and I would like to move to Alaska some day. We moved from Michigan to Arizona and I miss the snow. Some day maybe I will be able to follow my dream and move to your beautiful state. :)