Sunday, September 21, 2008


Well, the game did not go as planned. LSU beat us by a handful of points. But it was a good game. And the food made up for the loss.

So, my husband called me at 3:30 on Saturday in a panic because the guys were going to starve to death. No one had planned on dinner. I threw together some chili and took it over, along with my wing dip, and that gave me a good excuse to watch a couple quarters of the game on the big screen in the fire station instead of our dinky little TV at home. (Just so you know, your tax dollars are hard at work!)

In all my excitement about my football game, I forgot to inform all of you about our bout with food poisoning over this past week.
That was fun.
Especially when I discovered that moms are not allowed to be sick. And dads are.
In all fairness, J was more sick than I was. But, there was an unfairness about it. I would have loved to sleep on the couch half the day and moaned in agony any time Beans made a noise. Which was a lot.
Oh, thank goodness she was spared the food poisoning. Finally, her refusal to eat what I've put in front of her paid off!

We won't mention any names, BUT... it may be a while before I venture out to eat again. Especially since it took two days of cleaning and a LOT of Lysol to de-funk my place once everyone was better.


In other news...
Well, there isn't really any other news. Unless you really want to hear about how I am dealing with diaper rash caused by Beans refusing to eat anything but strawberries for two days straight. Buddy, there's a mistake I won't make again! next time, she'll just have to buck up and eat something else, or be hungry.

Coming up this week:
-Hopefully some time to FINALLY start working on some of my crochet projects and Christmas projects.
-Maybe a drive through the scenery, if everyone is agreeable to it. (By everyone, I mean mostly Beans, since she is usually the one protesting such trips.)
-A trip to the library.
-My never ending search for decent nursing bra. Oh, that doesn't cost 60 dollars. And will be shipped to Alaska AND a PO Box.

And probably a whole bunch of our boring and mundane.
Oh, and I will be watching the PO Box for a package from my mom for Beans' birthday, a package from somewhere else for my little friend's birthday present, and a package from the cloth diaper company.
Exciting stuff going on in our neck of the woods this week.
I'm just glad to be back to just being morning sick instead of food poisoned.


On another note...
You ever wonder how long someone can hold a grudge?
Ever wonder why some people still hold out hope for reconciliation year after year after year?
WHY do we do that?

I know, I know. I'm treading into "deep" territory here. But I am wondering because I recently discovered an old friend on Facebook. Only I'm 99.9% confident that she will probably tell me where I can go. Over a falling out that occurred 10 years ago. Over something relatively silly.
Just makes me kind of bummed out. We used to be like peas in a pod, back in the good ol' days.
Yeah, that's not the only reconciliation in my life I'd like to see, either. But you can only change your own life and your own mind. Not someone else's.
Just stinks that in life we really DO create some situations that seemingly can not be rectified, at least this side of Glory.
I sure miss my old friend.


OK. Enough deep thinking for one day. I'm off to find a snack and maybe work on one of those above mentioned crochet projects... I've got Christmas gifts to tend to!

Until next time...
Happy Moose Trails!

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