Saturday, November 8, 2008

What a Week

I'm going to start this entry with a disclaimer: I am in a REALLY grumpy mood today.
Hopefully, I manage to get through this entire blog without using the bad four letter words or offending too many of my readers.

So... after a lovely Halloween, followed by a busy but fun weekend of play dates and various other things-to-do, we have been hit with some sort of virus in our house.

Beans is SICK. Very, very sick. We have gotten to know the people at Family Medical Center (the emergency clinic in Delta Junction) very well this week.
What started as cold symptoms quickly progressed to a 103 F temp in little Beans that has lasted through the last 6 days. Our second trip to FMC was answered with antibiotics for Beans' very first ear infection and the ominous sounding, "Well, she has some congestion in her lungs, but it's not pneumonia YET, so let's go ahead and just start treating that too, before it gets worse."
Poor Beans has just not been herself all week, either. My usually sweet, playful little girl has been fussy, clingy, and worse, completely inactive. She has preferred to rest on mommy or daddy's shoulder, just moaning and coughing away.
After a particularly sleepy day yesterday, yet ANOTHER day of a 103 temp, and some rapid and yucky sounding breathing, we went back to FMC (again). This time was decent news: "She sounds better than she did, so let's just manage the fever and keep up with the antibiotic, and let her rest."

Yep. Our week has been pretty crummy.
Add to that the following:
I got a touch of Beans' virus. Not fun. Especially when pregnant and already feeling mostly uncomfortable.

J ended up taking several days off work to help hold down the fort, especially since I really wasn't worth much about three days into my own stint with this virus.

I am looking forward to everyone getting well again, so we can get back to our very boring and ordinary life.

In Other News:
Well, there isn't much other news.
Except that my fourteen year old son is mad at me because I challenged his political beliefs. (Um, he told me Obama was a "communist" and I made him look up the definition and explain his claims-then sent him a lengthy email defining communism and how Obama most certainly did NOT fit the description of a communist. I also included several references he could find more information on Marx and TRUE communism for good measure. Then outlined all the reasons that Obama would make a decent president, where I felt McCain lacked, etc.)
Oh, another disclaimer: I ordinarily would have claimed to be a republican, and maybe even a fairly conservative one at that. But in this particular election, and this particular point in our current status as a country, well, I went against my Republican grain and decided that the Democrat was a better choice.
besides, (and I am so sorry to my fellow Alaskan residents who love her) I really don't think Palin is a good choice for VP at this point in her "career". Aside from the fact that I think she could be home taking care of her new baby instead of helping run the country, she obviously has a few things to learn about American Government (like, the job descriptions of the VP and Congress, perhaps? Maybe the definition of Democracy?) before she applies for a bigger job.
That said, I DO think she's great for Alaska! Baby Steps when it comes to running the country, girl. Baby Steps!

Oh gosh. I am sure I probably just completely offended the majority of my readers.
Hmm... I've said it before, it's MY blog, MY opinion.
Of course, maybe at this point, my son isn't the only one who thinks I'm a communist.

He (my son) also seems to think that I voted "for the end of the world as we know it", since I voted for the president-elect. He is currently answering all my emails with traditional fourteen year old sarcasm, and I suspect he is avoiding my calls.
Son, if you are reading this blog, I still love you, even if you are being a pain-in-the-butt teenager. You should call your mother, even if you do think she's a "communist" (and I still stand by my argument that some of the issues we discussed are more "socialistic" than "communistic".)

Also, my best friend seems to be missing in action. I know, I know. You're busy. But I miss you and I'm having a particularly crummy week. So, if YOU are reading and you have time between soccer games, carpools, being tortured by toddlers, and various other crazy life things, I would love a few minutes of your time to just decompress and be reminded that I am still a great person, even if my son does think I'm a communist.

Also, my neighbor friend has been back home, visiting the Deep South.
"Huff", Beans and I miss you! You've missed some great Northern Lights this week (though nothing like we saw when you were home), the most gigantic moose that has visited our other neighbor's home-made salt lick, and you've missed out on all the fun of us being sick. I know, I know, sounds tempting enough to come back, right?
But when you DO come back, I promise lots of homemade meals, cheesy pizzas, and some sort of sinfully good treats. And can't wait to add some of those pecans ("puh-cons" to you yankees who isist on calling them "pee-cans") to Thanksgiving dinner!

Even my North Pole friends have been busy.

I am feeling a little pathetic and lonely this weekend. And we are still too sick to get out and do anything anyway. Thank goodness for Netflix, Disney, and even (I can't believe I am saying this!), cable TV.
I think it is also time to (temporarily) forsake my hippy ways and indulge in all kinds of "bad for your health but great for your emotions" kinds of foods... things like brownies and buffalo wing dip, and ice cream and potato chips. And more brownies. Yes, I AM planning on eating my feelings this weekend. I hear buffalo wing dip is great for clearing your sinuses, and brownies really DO make everything better. Trust me.

OK, OK. In all sincerity, I am more likely to throw the ingredients together for a nice, healthy homemade chicken soup, and maybe indulge in ONE brownie (with added wheat germ and whole wheat flour), and spend the day snuggling with my sick baby and reading all her favorite stories. But I AM going to pout about a fourteen year old thinking I am communist, and I probably will, at some point today, use Disney as babysitter to once again attempt to call my best friend in the whole world to complain about the unfairness of raising teenagers.

Oh, and mom, if you are reading... I know you are snickering about my argument with D. I suddenly understand what you meant when you used to tell me that you couldn't wait for me to have kids of my own. It wasn't so you would have grandchildren, was it?
On that note, I humbly apologize for all the times that you were the "dumb commie" and I was the fourteen year old who knew everything. And even though we didn't have email when I was a kid, I also apologize for the number of times I said things like, "Well, duh" and "Okey Dokey then" in really sarcastic tones when you were just trying to help me learn to think for myself.

Well dear readers, I hope next time finds me in a much better mood and with more interesting and good news to report.
Until then,
Happy Moose Trails!


Anonymous said...

Well - you'll find out in the next few years if he is or not.
I hope that your daughter and the rest feel much better!
God bless and I'm sure you're happy to have your Gov back ...

Susan said...

I finally agree with something an Obama supporter wrote :) "He does seem more Socialist than Communist".

Hope Beans gets well soon. I know it's sometimes even harder on Mom to see little ones so sick. Stay warm!!

I actually read about Sarah Palin long before her VP run, and was impressed with her leadership there in Alaska. Anyway, hope your state can get back to normal now..whatever that is for winters in AK!!

日月神教-任我行 said...