Thursday, February 19, 2009

Is It Spring Yet?

OK. I know, I know... I said I LOVE the winter here. And I do, I really do. But I have to admit that on days like today, where the weather was in 30s, the snow is starting to "slush", and the ice is falling off the playground equipment, well... a day like that could really make a gal wish for springtime.
Not to mention, spring would mean finally delivering this baby, who insists on using my rib cage as her personal jungle gym, and my bladder as a trampoline.
Can y'all believe... only 8 weeks until my due date? Time IS moving by quickly, actually.

So... back to longing for spring...
Today was just BEE-U-TEE-FUL! The day started with checking the weather on the Delta News Web and discovering the temps were listed in the upper 20s already. Honestly, I think folks back home will think I flipped my lid, but I opened every door and window of the house to air it out. (The house DOES get stuffy and dry through the winter!) It was glorious... a cool crisp breeze floated the arctic air through the house. Alaska air is so... CLEAN, and crisp. Taking a deep breath of it always makes me feel like I'm in one of those soap commercials, where the scent of soap magically wakens you from slumber and you are suddenly fresh and "zestfully clean". The arctic air, mingling with my coffee, set me in a pretty good mood this morning, and I didn't even mind when Beans demanded to watch Wall-E for the billionth time this week.

*Oh, I should add my disclaimer. Yep. Third trimester "slacker mom" syndrome has set in. My usual "no TV, no sugar" rules went out the door when I became desperate for a little rest these last couple weeks. For the record, I have Wall-E and Tinkerbell memorized already.
Yeah, yeah... we'll be back to our anti-TV, anti-sugar, crazy hippie parenting ways in a matter of weeks. Don't think we officially fell off the wagon. Sheesh.*

ANYHOO... halfway through Tinkerbell (I vetoed Wall-E. Really, there is only so many times a week I can stand the same movie. My limit is like, 100.)... I hear the refrain, "Hi, Moooosh! Hi, Moooooosh!"
Sure enough, two of the gentle giants are chilling out on the sidewalk, licking Ice Melt off my van tires. The thought crossed my mind... one of my readers (Karla) has been blogging about her desperation to find moose. I thought to myself this morning, perhaps I should invite her for coffee and the next showing of Tinkerbell. These moose come to the sidewalk, like junkies to crack. Want Moose? Get some Ice Melt and then get in the house. If you Ice Melt, they will come.
(OK, another disclaimer... do not actually put down Ice Melt or any other kind of salt with the purpose of attracting moose. That's kind of illegal and called "baiting" or something like that. The Fish and Game Department doesn't take that infraction lightly. Luckily, since we can't hunt on base AND because the sidewalks are downright treacherous, we are not in any danger of being fined for salting the walk... and the moose staring into our windows is just an added perk.)

And moose or no moose, the offer for coffee stands, Karla!

These moose delayed my departure to playgroup this morning. Not that it's required to be on time (seriously, anyone who expects a mom of toddlers to be on time to anything is a little nutty, in my opinion), but I WAS bringing cupcakes. A neighbor finally managed to spook the moose when she left for work (though the oldest gal was reluctant to leave her salt mine), so I darted out to start the van, and hoped the moose would remain absent until I could safely get Beans and myself tucked into the car. (They did.)


The drive into town was beautiful. The sign at the bank claimed a balmy 28 degrees as I drove past (and it was 32 F when I headed home an hour later), and I caught myself singing Bob Dylan tunes at the top of my lungs as Beans snoozed in the back.

A side note. And I know I've made this side note before, but it's worth repeating. I LOVE Bob Dylan. The guy sings like a dying Orca, and gets paid big bucks for it. And his songs are so deep, man... I'm just sayin'... how can you have a bad day while crooning at the top of your lungs about how "you ain't gonna work on Maggie's Farm no more!" Seriously.


I digress. Anyway... I found myself gazing longingly at the drive-in, mouth watering for a buffalo burger basket and a milk shake. I found myself wishing I could put Beans in the stroller and walk to the post office, or play on the swings and the slide. I found myself wondering how many more weeks there would be before we could venture out without risk of hypothermia...

We had fun at playgroup, packed up, enjoyed the drive back home, and (oh, the irony!), as I settled Beans down for her nap and laid out on the sofa for a nap of my own, I dozed off watching snow fall.
Back home folks, no... I'm NOT kidding. It started snowing shortly after lunch.

And in my fickle way... I was glad for it. I snuggled under the quilt my mom sent for Beans (the house was a little chilly, what with the windows still open), and dozed peacefully, watching the gray sky litter the ground with more white flakes, glad to not see the end of winter JUST yet.


So. Once again, not a thrilling week. Life has taken on a good routine of play, housework, watching the weather warm up, and waiting (waiting, waiting) for the end of this pregnancy.
I am planning on a well deserved BORING weekend, hopefully hunkering down and watching a couple netflix movies.
Next week's agenda involves aging another year for both J and myself... though it is likely to pass with little fanfare. If you haven't noticed from most of our holiday posts, we aren't huge "celebrators" of many days. In previous years, we used to take a good vacation for our birthdays, but this year... a simple trip to Fairbanks for a midwife appointment, a few supplies, and hopefully, a lunch that doesn't involve the phrase "Would you like fries with that?".

Oh. I AM hoping to convince J that we should indeed spend the night in Fairbanks the previous night, as the Ice Park opens next week as well! There is apparently a playground made of ice, that I'm sure Beans would love (or not, since she's not really a fan of being cold), but it would be kind of nifty to go see it.
On the other hand... it's an "annual" Ice Park, and will be open for a couple weeks. Daylight is finally such that we have light early enough in the morning and late enough in the day that we could actually have light for our entire drive. It would be nice to actually get back home and sleep in our own bed. Or not have a Fairbanks trip take up two days of our week.

I know, I know... everyone else drives in the dark. I don't. And J does, but I nag him the whole way and make him nervous as heck, so it's best if we just don't have that argument for the 100 mile drive. Until I am allowed to take valium or drink heavily enough to knock myself out and not notice J careening down mountain roads in the dark, we can either spend the night in Fairbanks, or get home before dark.


Meanwhile, I am still furiously crocheting, and basically just trying to pass the time as my feet continue to swell past the confines of my boots, and my belly continues to swell past my ability to even see my swollen feet. I am getting to the part of pregnancy the medical community calls "the third trimester", but I have renamed, "Gosh, this part sucks". I am looking forward to the day when a simple trip to the bathroom doesn't leave me short of breath.
Beans is enjoying this stage of pregnancy immensely. She has figured out that it is nearly impossible for me to reach the floor, and spends her day doing things she knows she's not supposed to do, then laying as flat as she can, while I fumble around beneath my huge belly saying, "OOOOH! When I finally get a hold of you, girl!!!!" She has also figured out that there is a spot under the dining room table that I can no longer reach, even if I do manage to get down on the floor. She spends most of the day hiding forbidden objects under there, knowing I can do nothing to retrieve them.
Not entirely sure where she gets this mischievous streak from. I'm sure my mom would be able to tell you, but certainly, I was NEVER this mischievous. NEVER. And that's the truth.

I can't reach my feet, but I can still reach the keyboard, so...
Until next time....

Happy Moose Trails!


Karla said...

Today was glorious wasn't it?? I opened my windows too, but didn't blog it in fear of looking like a true newbie!! lol. I would love coffee, but I'm stranded on the farm. And I just might pick up some Ice Melt for my icy driveway... :) Thanks for the shout out! Have a happy day!

Tracy said...

LOL! Opening your windows in the 20s!! I love it! :-) Here that's when it's considered too cold to do anything. (*I* got cold the other morning in the 40s with my windows closed and heat on. lol) I saw your from the south so you probably know how that would go over down here (I'm in Tx) LOL My poor southern kids think 60 is cold.

However, I do like a good cold day once in a while with the fresh, crisp air. I grew up in West WA and I hate the hot, humid yuck we get in the spring and summer.

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