Friday, March 13, 2009

Are We There Yet?

I have officially gotten impatient for the arrival of April.
I. Am. Tired. Of. Being. Pregnant.
Just so you know.

This is going to be a short entry. I am moody, tired, and slightly irritable.

For friends and family: we have an appointment this week with the midwife. Given the fact that I have had contractions off and on all week and a few other hints, not sure if we'll get the green light to come back home or not. If anything major is happening, we'll start calling down the list and letting y'all know.
We DID find out that my iron levels were incredibly low (like, not safe to go into labor "low"), which explains the reason I've been feeling pretty crummy these last couple, um... months.
An iron supplement has finally started to help.
Ever been sick enough that you didn't realize how awful you were feeling until you started feeling better?
THAT is how I feel this week... WOW. I knew I was feeling crummy and crabby, but I didn't realize it was that bad until I started feeling quite a bit better!

These days, I am still feeling a little run down, and significantly less guilty for the number of times I whined to J, "But I don't feeeeeel good!" But overall, improving. Which is good.

Meanwhile... we have been busy with various sight-seeing. Secretly, I am hoping that all the drives down Alaska's very bumpy roads will throw me right into labor, but honestly, all they do is make me have to pee a billion times per car trip.

That said, we have seen some beautiful local scenery, as the days have been clear and sunny this week... and, well, warm.
We are not officially into "The Melt", but we have had some melting (and refreezing, just for the record, which makes the parking lot a fun hazard for a 9 month pregnant woman carrying a wiggly toddler).
The warmer temps have been welcome, and I am beginning to get a little antsy for spring.
Daylight Savings is completely messing with my brain, however. I was still looking at daylight around 8 pm.
I know, I know. I'm the "crazy" one. But I sure am going to miss the dark. I love the warmer temps, but already, I am lamenting the loss of night time. The sun being up at dinner time, and Beans' bed time is completely throwing me off routine and sense of normalcy.
J and I both have commented several times this week that we sure will miss the winter.
Not to worry. We will soon be enjoying the summer activities (though not the 22 hours of daylight!), and it won't be long before winter returns, I'm sure.

I know, I know... I'm whiny and complainy. Goodness, let's hope "Anonymous" isn't being bored to tears by this entry. I wish I had more positive things to share, but it's been a long and tiring week.
Meanwhile... I am anxiously counting down the days to my due date, and absolutely, positively READY to go into labor. Though I still need to pack a suitcase, actually.

OK. On that note, I am going to take my whining off to bed for some much needed rest. If I don't return next weekend, you can safely assume that I am likely in labor, or otherwise too cranky to come up with anything nice to say...
Family and friends... we'll call if we aren't being sent back home!

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails!