Saturday, May 23, 2009

Campfire Songs

So, I didn't actually sing any campfire songs. But I did get together with a group of moms (and a handful of dads) for a day at Quartz Lake.

I am just going to be honest and say I was in dire need of an attitude adjustment that day. With Beans getting over yet another accidental allergen contact (read: more poop and vomit than you can possibly handle), New Little Nugget deciding that she would rather be held than anything else in the world, and J working overtime, I wasn't exactly in the most tolerant of moods.
I'll admit, I wasn't winning any "Nicest Mommy in The World Awards" by the time I got our three gal crew out the door.

A word of advice for new moms and other Super Woman type A personalities like myself: It's probably best to not get too ambitious when you have young ones.
I promised to bring S'mores supplies. I got ambitious and added a spiffy new camping toy... a ball that you fill with the ingredients for ice cream, and after thirty minutes of play, the advertising on the box promises home-churned ice cream.
Um, Truth-In-Advertising should have included a note that says "Your crew of kids will get bored and no longer care about the reward of ice cream after about 5 minutes, and you, the parent, will churn your own ice cream while simultaneously attempting to console crying babies, toddlers, grill hot dogs, and keep your kids from drowning in the lake at the same time." And after that, your kids will all whine for ice cream and complain that you didn't let them play with the ice cream ball.
ANYWAY... I have a feeling that all the kids present would have been perfectly happy with just S'mores. And next time, that is what I'll bring, instead of trying to be the coolest (and most frazzled) mom ever.

That said, the lake was beautiful. The kids all stripped down within moments of arriving, and waded out as far (and farther) than all the parents would allow. We are getting plenty of spring birds showing up, and there were a handful of ducks, quacking noisily as the kids chased them and threatened their nests. Across the lake, snow capped mountains tower over the scenery, and with a slight breeze and the sun beating down on us, I caught a glimpse of summer days to come.

For out Lower 48 friends... it was only about 70 degrees. And I'm sure the water was cold enough that Child Protective Services wouldn't exactly approve of us allowing the kids to wade, but gosh, we sure had fun.
And for all the trouble that ice cream churning ball was, the ice cream sure was good. I came home, snuggled tired kids, and took in the scent of sunscreen and lake water, and was glad I went.

Funny, campfire trips are a lot like child labor. The reward is great enough that almost immediately after returning home, you are planning on doing it again. A call to J, and there are now promises of getting the old Suburban ready (AKA "The Junk Truck"), and getting it hooked up to a rent-a-camper and heading out for the first family overnighter.
Before the die-hard campers give us any grief, I just want to say that I am NOT brave enough to take two kids under the age of two out in sleeping bags and tents in bear country. Maybe next year. The main goal is to get the kids used to the IDEA of camping, then go from there. Baby Moose Steps, y'all, baby moose steps.

The rest of our days have been busy, as usual. And more busy days ahead (of course)!
Today, if you happen to be in Delta Junction, check out Friendly Frontier Days, which is where Momma Moose Nugget is taking her brood today. And don't forget to stop in to the Farmer's Market, which is officially open. Just be sure to save a dozen farm fresh eggs for me!

As a side note, I have to giggle at myself. For those of you who suffered through my constant "fear of bears" posts through the last year... thank you. Last year, I was so fearful of anything off the main road. As things have thawed and we have begun exploring, we pass places every day where I flat out refused to get out of the car, fearing that a bear would dash out of the woods and gobble me up. Turns out that those "scary bear spots" are just a few yards from the road, and not even likely spots for squirrels, much less bears. (Not that it couldn't happen, but not as likely as I once thought!)

Yep. The Moose Nugget Family is heading outdoors this summer. With a greater sense of adventure and plenty of sunscreen and bug spray. Stay tuned for more of our adventures!

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails!

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Tracy said...

I wouldn't brave tent camping with littles either! *I* won't even do it here with bigger kids because it's too dang hot! We did it once--and the 2nd night we ended up in a hotel room. LOL Haven't attempted it since. Not only were we about to bake ourselves in a the tent that was NOT vented enough for the TX heat, but I had a 13 mth old that decided she wanted her own bed, not some dark hot tent, and was up most of the night. She didn't sleep much more in the hotel either--she just didn't like being away from home!