Saturday, October 10, 2009

Here Comes the Dark

The last few mornings have caused some mild confusion around the Moose Nugget Household. I mean, more than usual. *AHEM*
I thought it was my imagination at first. Then, I thought the girls were waking earlier, continuing their quest to make sure I never sleep again. The truth is, the Dark is coming.
I am sharing my morning coffee with moonlight this morning. 7:30 am, and not a smidge of dawn in the sky.

I have a few friends that are dreading this time of year. But I find it invigorating. And while I had lots of fun this summer in the midnight sun, I have missed sunrise and sunset the way you would miss a dear friend. I've been homesick for the Dark.

The weather has also taken a definite turn. It's not cold by Alaska standards, but what's going on outside is winter in the South. I was chuckling to myself the other day, when I realized that a couple winters ago, I was standing in 40 degree evenings in Alabama and complaining to my coworkers about how cold it was outside. Imagining a day back down south, I realized that I also would have pulled my gloves and winter coat out in this kind of weather, and would be wearing a cozy sweatshirt under that. Now, if I had a wood stove, I don't even think I would light a fire, except for at night, when we are dipping into the 20s here. That does make for a chilly morning.

Speaking of wood stoves... the wood stove was the winner of the "Which is better?" poll. Which means I was able to bring bragging rights to the dinner table when J brought up the pellet stove again. (Thank you to my dear friends who stuffed the ballot box as well!)

So... "Why all this talk about pellet stoves and wood stoves anyway?" You may be asking.
The dream is close folks. REALLY close. It's a matter of paperwork, and then, The Little Farm on the Tundra will be a reality. More details when it comes to fruition because, as you know, if you talk about the dream, you lose it... BUT...
The agent assures us that "probably next week" we should be signing some papers and looking for a moving van. Then, I'll be looking for some chickens and spending my winter planning the garden while J clears land for my new hobby.

So, while I'm not going to divulge much this week, I give you little clues about the dream because it is going to drastically change Moose Nuggets Updates. In fact, it's going to drastically change lots of things. While TECHNICALLY Internet service is available there, our choices are dial-up or satellite. I didn't even think dial-up existed anymore, and the start-up cost for satellite is pretty expensive. We can afford it, but when the Wi-Fi at the library is free, I don't see why we should pay a couple thousand bucks to get Internet or cable.
THE PLAN is to go to the library once a week to do all my Internet stuff. That includes Ye Old Blog, so Moose Nuggets will continue to exist. And truthfully, as frequently as I update, most readers are not likely to see much of a difference. And to make a few readers happier (for those of you who remember Mr Anonymous who complained about my boring life and reading my tortuous blog)... there should be a few more interesting things happening in the Moose Nugget Household, as we finally start living out my Little House on the Prairie, Arctic style.

A few little notes:
-I finally bought my new coat. Yes, I am retiring the Hot Pink Easy-For-Search-And-Rescue-to-Spot Jacket. I also finally found a hat I like, and replaces the gloves that were lost in the Seattle Airport last year when I needed them most. 45 Below zero was NOT the time for gloves to go missing.

-Knitting group was a blast this past Monday. I was recently accused by one of my jet-set, city-type friends of being "an old grandma with boring hobbies". I felt kind of self conscious about that for a couple months until I went back to gab with the gals over yarn and hot cider. I was wearing The Very First Grown-Up Size Sweater I have Ever Crocheted For Myself (it turned out pretty good, actually), and was happy to be working on a new project. In the middle of sharing my latest tales and hearing the latest gossip from the other gals' lives, I found myself in that happy glow you get when you laugh so hard your cheeks hurt and you are surrounded by people that "get" you.

-The Baby Update: The girls are doing great. Beans is a ball of energy, as usual... AND turning two very very soon! Birthday party plans are coming together, and I need to get off my duff and start getting the invitations made. It's bittersweet... she's growing, but she's growing too fast!
Little Nugget is desperate to keep up with her sister, and has started CRAWLING these past few weeks. Initially, it was just little frog hops in the right direction. Now, it's a deliberate hand-hand-knee-knee-slide to her destination, which is usually a toy that Beans is trying to play with. Little Nugget officially has Beans on the run for a safe place to play with toys undisturbed, though Beans does enjoy instigating the cat and mouse game, tempting her sister with a fun toy, then running away screaming, "No! That's MINE!"

So now, at 8:00 am, as the sky begins to turn Dusky Dawn Gray, I'm off to play with babies and prepare for our coming week, which promises to be busy. Should have one more update before anything major happens around here, so stay tuned!

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails!


Susan Stevenson said...

Good luck to you and your Little House on the Prairie! :D I'm looking forward to your updates!

I don't mind the dark this time of year because I've missed the night skies. It's the 22 hours of darkness in December that makes me go a little "jack nicholson" *grin*.

I'm enjoying this chinook wind warm-up, but I know real winter is just around the corner!

Kathy said...

We your followers "get you"!!!
Have you considered an aircard to go with your cell phone? I don't know how cell coverage is out where you're contemplating, but as a traveler all over the country, we use our Verizon cell phones and an air card for wifi coverage on both of our laptops! It even worked in Alaska last year!! It's a lot cheaper than a satellite! For 2 phones and the ISP, it runs about $145 a month.
Just a tip!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

Tracy said...

I thought your little girl was already 2...she must be really close to Ben's age. He'll be 2 the end of Jan.

Do you mind posting pics of the sweater?? I'm toying with the idea of trying one. I've started one for one of the boys, but never finished it. :-P It'll fit Ben now by the time it's done. lol But I have some patterns I really like and want to try out, just not sure how big of an undertaking that'll be. Right now I'm working on a few sets of pillows and a couple other things so I want to get all that done first.

And I too love the dark...I guess it's the night owl in me, I think I'd do absolutely nuts up there in the summer. lol

dudley.chignall said...

As an elderly grandfather I found your blog by accident when I was looking for a recipe for Roast Ptarmigan - we don't get a lotta Ptarmigna here in Essex , UK. - But I was in Alaska 5 years back (guess that MCarthy counts as Alaska?) on a camping trip and I met some lovely ladies just like you and your way of writing justs reflets your way of talkin and I find that it simply transports me right back to a country full of wondeful natural people wher I hadda lotta fun. I wish you every success in your winter of chopping wood. I seem to recollect though that you only get one season - last winter and this winter.

Karla said...

Happy Fall!! I'm glad that you're enjoying the dark, I personally, could go for another hour, or two, of light. But it does make the sleeping nice! Guess I'll be seeing you, "probably next week". ;) Have a happy, happy day!