Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Knitting Keeps Me Sane

Ah... my sanity has been tested today. We had the first of our appointments at Children's Hospital. Being surrounded by so many babies made me realize that Little Nugget is, well... REALLY little. Apparently the doctor agreed because he wants more tests than previously planned AND... he's going to give her a feeding tube for supplementary feeding. Sentences like, "It's imperative that she gain a few pounds" and various other phrases have been running my mind into knots. We were informed that we would need to check out of the hotel in the morning and plan on staying overnight in the hospital tomorrow. With new and extra tests scheduled for Friday (the day we were supposed to be going home), everything is in the air. Depending on the outcome of the tests, we might return home Friday, and we might not.
My sanity disappeared when the realization that my daughter was coming home with medical equipment in tow hit me. And for those of you who know my type-A, preplanning, organized personality, you KNOW that not being sure of when EXACTLY I'll be heading for the airport is enough to maybe send me to the ward where you wear white coats that button in the back.

So I'm doing what any sanity tested parent would do. I made a few tearful phone calls to J and a friend back home. I called our regular pediatrician to be SURE that she absolutely 100% trusted the Seattle doctor's advice. I texted my mom (Not daring to call because explaining to your baby's Nana what is going on without crying is close to impossible).
Then I boarded the bus and wandered around the aquarium.
Stress is best handled by completely numbing the brain so it is impossible to think too much about it. Since I gave up mind altering substances about 15 years ago, I've found the best way to numb a brain is by overloading it with activity and useless information. Did you know there are over 600 species of fish in the Puget Sound? Do you know that a fair number of those species are residing in my freezer? (grin)
With my brain somewhat numb and my feet somewhat tired, I headed back to the hotel in time to give Little Nugget a quick diaper change and a nursing break, then headed out again to the knitting store.
Aside from the cab ride (where I was SURE I was going to die in an auto accident before having to take Little Nugget back to the hospital), it was the highlight of my day.
I want to say that nothing could replace my great group of knit-sters back in Delta Junction, BUT... the gals at Hilltop Yarn were a hoot! I was taught a few new skills by a lady younger than me who can knit without even looking at her work. We talked about everything from yarn to turkey sex (don't ask. But if you must know, mainstream turkeys are incapable of breeding the old fashioned way.It's been bred out of them to reduce agressive behavior in turkey farms. Modern turkeys are artificially inseminated). We had a blast doing it, and I did find myself wishing that these girls and that yarn shop were part of my local gang.
The yarn! OH, the YARN! I had no idea what I was missing! This was some high-end fancy pants stuff. I was spoiled the moment I starting running some of that stuff through my hands. I won't lie...a good part of my "fun money" was spent in that store!
But don't worry, Delta gals... I missed you this week, and I sure can't want to see that Blooming Tea and let you all touch my new yarns! And Lucy (our resident knitting pro!), I hope you are ready to do some teaching! Some of this yarn is worthy of a more daring project than a stockinette stitch hat!

The trip to the yarn store was just what I needed. Sitting and gabbing with a handful of gals and counting stitches actually WAS enough for me to forget my troubles. I almost nearly forgot until I was packing up and heading out, and all the ladies wished Little Nugget and I luck and prayers.
It's a good thing when you really CAN forget about life for awhile. As addictions go, knitting is a good one to have, I suppose.

So we have a big day tomorrow. I will probably not post again until we get home and get comfortable with whatever equipment we have to bring home. I should have more definite news by then of what's going on with Little Nugget, and tales of what it's like to come home, back to the cabin, which I miss more than I thought I would. Seattle is nice, but I DO miss the snow covered tundra and the woodsmoke curling from the stovepipe.
Hopefully I'll also be sporting a new hat made of super crazy soft woolly goodness! I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of knitting tomorrow, while waiting for answers.

Keep us in prayers, good thoughts, or whatever you believe brings good luck and good karma...

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails!


Susan Stevenson said...

Thinking of you both and keeping you in my prayers.

Gloria said...

Prayers for both of you!

April said...

Praying for you. There are some great yarns around these parts, but nothing compares to peaceful solitude on the tundra with your whole family. I feel your pain in not knowing when you will return and having not planned for extra medical stuff to deal with. Sure wish I could make the journey with you to help. Can't wait for the next post. Oh and one more thing, don't ever go to China and take a cab ride. Seattle is NOTHING compared to that. Our first daughter is from Beijing and every cab ride we were thankful for our lives when we actually arrived. :-}

JackDaddy said...

Thinking of you.

And unfortunately turkey sex... I won't be able to get that out of my mind for a while! :)

April said...

Children's also has free WiFi.

April said...

Children's also has free WiFi.

Lizzyjane Hunter said...

Little Nuggut and your family are in my prayers, believing that God's healing power will be blanketed over your little one and wisdom for the Dr's.

Hayley said...

I say a prayer for you and the rest of your family. I am sorry you are having to deal with these worries.

~Missy~ said...

Prayers for you going back here in Alabama. I'm a new "follower" of your blog, came across it because I am an Alabama gal longing for AK!