Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rainy Day Women

Yes, another Bob Dylan reference.

It's been a rainy week. I'm not complaining. I love Alaska in all it's facets. Summer rain is amazing. It's the only time the sky gets "dark" this time of year. Plus, it means that I don't have to water the garden.
Lots of people go out in the rain here. J is one of them. He's off in Cordova, bear hunting.
Me? The rain rolling in makes me feel cozy. It's cooled off a bit (50s today) and even justified a small fire last night in the wood stove to knock the chill off. I've spent the rainy days catching up on mending and sewing... 3 aprons, a skirt, a dress for Beans, lots of mending and taking in some things. (The good thing about food allergies? I've dropped two sizes since we had to ditch gluten and dairy!)
I got ambitious with the sewing and seriously decreased my stash of stuff.
This is a good thing.
Earlier in the year, a friend of mine and I started a challenge to use up or finish all the projects and materials we already had in our stash. No new purchases at the fabric and yarn stores except notions. Well, I'm not sure where she is on her stash, but I officially only have two more projects in my sewing bin. (um, don't ask about the knitting stuff. Or needle work. I'm sure I have plenty of projects to finish before I can make a trip to the store for anything new!)

The rain on the green metal roof of the cabin has established a meditative patter. The girls have been busy with reading and playing. The chickens (Ricky Bobby in particular) are chattering angrily at the rain, and they apparently lackthe common sense to get in the coop instead of getting wet.
I am wondering how the bear hunt is going... WonderIng what bear meat is going to taste like (I'm told it tastes exactly like ham), and wondering which of our cabin walls is going to be sporting a dead animal.
For the record, I never ever once in my whole life ever thought there would be dead animals on my wall. Ever. But it seems that it's going to happen, so I'd better get used to the idea. And choose a good spot. I certainly don't want a snarling bear staring at me while I'm eating my breakfast or (gasp!) trying to sleep.
On the other hand, it's better than having a LIVE bear watching me do those things.

So the women folk are tending the farm and catching up on sewing, reading, and eating popcorn for dinner. The Mighty Hunter returns soon and will want an audience for bear tales and other excitement.

Until Next Time,
Happy Moose Trails


JackDaddy said...

I don't think I'd want a bear looking at me while I ate dinner either! :)

Gloria said...

A Bear head on the wall???? No thank you! lol

Anonymous said...

So Excited when I saw you blogged again!!!! Yippee :)

Life in Alaska sounds perfect!! can hardly wait till we move there.


Maggie Mae said...

Alaska sounds wonderful, except for the bear on the wall thing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey T. I'm so glad you are blogging again! I feel like I'm there. Miss you!(Jenn)

April said...

Oh to have my Alaska fix again. I so look forward to your post.

April said...

Oh yeah, wanted to ask, seeing that we are gluten and dairy free, is it hard to find the specialty GF flours to bake up there? I ask because we are getting closer and closer everyday to being able to move to AK and want to know if it is going to be hard or extremely expensive. My email address is baymoose @ if you have time to answer.

Kerry said...

Nicole!! So glad everything is going well...just to let you know Delta meats will process a really good bear breakfast sauage (I have had it and it is good!). Rain here to in NP...

Anonymous said...

I am really glad that things are going well with your family and I so enjoy your blogs and am happy that you are able to do that again also.

Hope your garden is growing and you are getting lots of crops. I never grew a vegetable garden when we lived there but I loved my flowers in the summer.

Take care.

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