Sunday, September 19, 2010


I just read some NPR article about some college doing a week-long "ban" on popular social network sites.
I think it's a terrific idea.
The students were totally freaking out. One guy cited that not being able to twit or tweet or whatever you call it made it more difficult to get together with friends at Subway for dinner. he complained that his cellular bill would increase because of excessive text messages.

Are you kidding me???
Does anyone still TALK to people?
Folks, checking Facebook updates does NOT a relationship make. And are people really interested in your virtual farm, fishtank, zoo, etc?
VIRTUAL friends are just that... Virtual. Not real. Not tangible. Not gonna stop by your house on butchering day and help you haphazardly murder your flock and put them in the freezer.

I know, I know. I keep a blog. And I have virtual "friends" with cyber names too. But this is NOT the mainstay of my existence. And my world would not fall apart if websites were blocked. I would dare say that I wouldn't even miss a lunch date at Subway. (Um, providing there was even a Subway within a hundred miles of me. And had a gluten free/ dairy free menu.)

I recently removed myself from a social networking site. I joine because relatives and friends promised meaningful relationships and more conversations if I joined. What I found was that I had to weed through Farmville and other nonsense just to read a personal note. Something meaningful like, "My dog farted and it really stunk." or "Bob Dylan Rocks!"
Although I wholeheartedly agree with the latter (and the former was TMI, dude!) it doesn't fit my description of relationship.

I digress.
I was really struggling with leaving a social network site. Perhaps I was abandoning all my "friends". Was it wrong to ditch distant family thy hasn't called me in DECADES?
This is how those sites make you feel. Obligated to folks that you otherwise would see in a photograph and wonder what ever happened to them.
I felt torn for a while, until I spoke with a real-life friend of mine about my "gut wrenching decision". She listened politely for several
moments before interrupting me and saying, "Um, Nicole? I'm sorry, but what in the world is Facebook?"
And she wasn't kidding.

It's on that note that I am going to say that I am going to permanently "unplug" the blog
The intent of the blog was to keep family and friends posted of our happenings in AK...
I only know of one "real-life" friend still following and none of our family.
If I'm wrong- call or email or something!

To all my cyber-friends, y'all have been a wonderful wonderful audience. And I thank you for reading my Bly and I hope when I publish my crummy memoirs and books that they find their way into your hands. I've always wanted to write and be published and it's nice to know that I have attracted an audience with my writing style or writing material.
I've recently been keeping the blog for YOU- the faithful readers that keep asking for more, but I really need to break the blog addiction and focus more time on real life.

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow-
Moose Nuggets


Anonymous said...

I will miss it but understand and wish you all the luck in the world.

Sparkless said...

I'll miss you too. You do know you can turn all those game notifications off on Facebook? Anyway I agree with you mostly but I'm still sorry to see you go.

Susan Stevenson said...

Said to see you go, but I totally understand.

I do hope you'll keep hold of my email address, etc so if you're ever in Fairbanks and want to take a walk or something, we can get together. Likewise any visits to Delta by me. :)

Be well, Nicole and take care of your babies and hubby. Stay warm this winter!


Anonymous said...

Oh My!! I understand where you are coming from, but Gosh I will MISS you and "Life on the Tundra" and your recipes :(
I have also thought several times about ditching FB because there is so much drama...its crazy and we will see when we move to AK whether or not I keep it. I think I"ll keep my blog "Caribou Crackers" even though I do not blog more than 2x a week, but I enjoy posting recipes :)
I do enjoy reading my friends blogs, but I only read a dozen maybe, but that is time consuming....
any who I will miss we all will miss you!!!
Take Care :)

Miz Liz
Caribou Crackers

farmwifetwo said...

Just when I found it too... a few of weeks ago :) Been too busy to post and simply lurked via my google reader.

I too had a blog... started it about 5yrs ago and it lasted 18mths. It takes about 3mths to get over the "maybe I should make another". My online, is online... I don't have a facebook page etc.

I posted once in one of my "online" haunts exactly what you just did... OMG!!! They were not impressed to be viewed as "not real"... The moment someone "vanishes"... nobody cares, nobody asks... So, that would make it "entertainment only"?? That one, as soon as I get my prev posts all deleted is disappearing.. We don't text, we don't tweet either. We do email, but even that isn't "done" anymore.... too much like writing a letter I guess.

I do have a goodreads page... but, I read so much, that it's much easier than all those pieces of paper floating around the desk. Also, it's a lot more private than facebook. I've been very pls'd with it, the last 18mths I've used the site. So, it stays.

Best of luck.

Gloria said...

Wiping my eyes as I read this......been following for a year and a half maybe? But I understand. It can be a lot of work! Cutting back to five days on mine. My best wishes to you and your family though, and I would read your book anyday!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Gloria and all of us faithful get signed copies :)

Anonymous said...

We own a sheep and cattle ranch in Montana and as I told you before our two sons live and work in Alaska. I feel connected to them somehow when I read yours and Susan's blog. They call and email often but are busy. Life in AK is so amazing, I enjoy reading it form your perspective. I am going to miss it, good luck and enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I will miss your blog very much, but as a busy mom, I fully understand how you are feeling. Thank you so very much for giving me a window into the wonderful world of AK that I miss so much. I wish you and your family endless joy and love!

Tracy said...

I hear ya! I am still on FB, it's how I keep up with family and friends who all live out of state, and have reconnected with old friends from years ago. It's been fun seeing what they are doing now, their families, swapping pictures, etc. BUT...I also have my beef with it when people over-use it. Like certain mother-in-laws who use it as their main form of communication. I kid you not when I say it's how we found out she was 1. engaged, 2. selling her house and moving to OH, and where the invitation came through. She STILL has not called my husband to tell him in person! Well, she did finally call a few days after the engagement post to tell him. :-P (And this is a grandma in her 60s--not a college kid!) Now we aren't planning to go, we can't even if we wanted to. (And he doesn't lol) Being unemployed for 5 mths doesn't exactly leave some extra $$ sitting around for a trip half way across the country right now. But yeah...sometimes a real call or something would be a nice replacement. ;-)

But yeah...I see both sides of it. Its really sad a school has to set such restrictions, after all college kids ARE adults, or at least supposed to be...

Aries Too said...

Good Bye tntmedic. As one who never had the chance of moving to Alaska (since I arrived here at birth) I've enjoyed your postings. It has been fun to see you grow from the new arrival whose biggest worry was where to find a decent coffee in Fairbanks; to the squirrel plagued cabin dweller; to the lucky gal who got to view the beauty of the Alaska Range on the drive to Delta. We have agreed to disagree; on guns at home; on clean air pellet fires (for the tender airways of the kids and us sensitive adults)
vs free firewood with its polluting smoke; even on the necessity of eating animal protein, though you have smartly learned to avoid dairy.
I've enjoyed you willingness to tell things as you see them. It was a priviledge to recognize you in Seattle's airport when you mentioned the Delta Jct temperature to another woman.
Little Nugget is a gem. All the best to her and Beans, and N & J.

Anita said...

I echo many of the other comments. I've just recently found you as well and have so much enjoyed your writing. You give me great chuckles, and sometimes I think it is better without photos! You paint them vividly with the written word.

As for FB, I'm still there. I've been posting to several blogs, mine and a family one, and have tired of adding things in so many places when I crave holding a paint brush or feeding material through a sewing machine instead. Time is so limited in this life we're kept busy with. Feeling forced to spend valuable minutes in the land of cyber space rather than with the ones who need is most may not be worth it all.

Will certainly miss hopping on to read your latest chicken coop story, but go snuggle those little ones. :)

Ma said...

I've only been reading for a short time but have enjoyed your posts. I do understand your decision though. I've been thinking alot about it myself lately & then this morning read this. I totally understand & if you do ever write a book about your life in AK I'll hopefully find a copy!

Anonymous said...

NO! This is JDH from BF and I lurk here all the time feeling completely unproductive in my own daily life as I struggle just to get a load of laundry folded lol. You have actually been getting my creative juices flowing for writing again and I have been considering a blog myself as I read yours as a way of "putting up or shutting up" with writing.

I do understand your feelings and having missed you on BF now I guess I will just have to feel content knowing your are out there somewhere digging potatoes out of the dirt or knitting one badass sweater. Glad to know that Little Nugget is going to get better and that Beans is still a feisty as ever. Enjoy your life and thank you for making me ask myself "What have you really done today? Of course you have time to play tea party!"

fox484 said...

I don't what else to say, that hasn't already been said. You and your fantastic blog will be missed.
Your writing gave me a small window into the way of life I can only dream of right now. From the chicken coop to the 60-70 potato plants(that's a lot of potatoes, to making my own jam.

If you write a book, I would definitely buy a copy.

Sorry to see you close the blog, yet I totally understand.

Best wishes to you,Beans,Little Nugget and J

keithsimons1962 said...

Hello, I'm not sure if you remember me I posted on a few of your blog a couple years ago, I went by the name Simon, I'm for Minnesota the place of your one of your idols Laura Ingalls. Well anyway it's been a while since I stopped to say hello and read your blog and I see now that you decided to close it down. I echo all the comments for other readers but know you have to what you have to do. I've toyed with the idea of recording my life story, my kids and my travels and I've been keeping a journal for sometime and so maybe someday I'll do that. Life has change much for me and I have many thoughts to record... well I'm not sure if you'll even get this but thank you much for sharing your life and family. It was great getting you and best of luck. If by chance you do write a book I would to read it, hopefully you'll let us know.