Saturday, July 12, 2008

Just a Few Notes

1. Just want to say that I feel ridiculous talking to myself as I hang clothes on the line. Actually, I don't talk to MYSELF, really. I talk to the bears that are out there, but I haven't seen yet. I tell them to go away, that I don't need help hanging my laundry, and that I really am not as tasty as I might look. Really. I'm not.

What I want to know is why do Survivor Man and Bear Grylls look so cool tromping through the Alaskan Wilderness yelling things like, "Yo Bear! We don't want trouble! Yo bear!", and I look and sound like an absolute moron?

2. Wanna know how to maybe have an accident in your pants? Well, do you ever catch yourself driving on "auto-pilot"? You know, when you suddenly snap back into reality and realize you are driving and probably should be paying a little more attention to the road instead of daydreaming about who-knows-what. That happened to me today. Only the thing that snapped me back into reality was glancing at the passenger side window and seeing a MOOSE running along side of me. Nothing says "Yikes!" like having a mammal as tall as your van trying to play "tag" with you. Mental note to self: Alaska is NOT the place to daydream while driving.

3. I love yard sales. Beans and I meandered through a few of them today and came home with fabric remnants galore. Lots of new little projects creeping through my brain now. LOTS.

4. I don't know how I ever lived without aprons before. Seriously, I know. I sound like a dork. But do you know how HANDY they are???

5. My last mental note for the day: Bushy has to move. Or die. Period. Stupid squirrel chewed up one of J's favorite shirts. I mean, beyond repair. And then smuggly chirped her territorial chatter when I tried to retrieve the clothes off the line. Stupid squirrel. I tried throwing rocks at her, but I have lousy aim. The landlord still wants to humanely relocate the squirrel. (WHY??? It's a RODENT, people!) I think Bushy is going to accidentally, suddenly dissapear one day. If my aim improves, anyway.

Ok. On the agenda for my week:
-Practice throwing rocks at a target. Namely, Bushy.
-Sewing, sewing and more sewing. I'm on a roll! Also have a small business venture in the works, if I can get a few projects done up. More on that later.
-Sneaking off to Post Office to retrieve the first Christmas gift of my shopping season. I'd tell you what it is, but my hubby reads the blog from time to time.
-Meeting a new friend this coming week! I finally get to meet the infamous Susan Stevenson. (Check out her blog about thier summer travels through AK. She's an incredible photographer!)
-Maybe being brave enough to take a walk. J was discussing walking to the playground (about 3 miles). I would love to, except for the bears and moose. The wildlife is in full effect out here, ya know? Ok, seriously. I might brave the walk, at least to the coffe shop anyway (about 1 mile). Besides, I need to cut some more wildflowers for my table.

Speaking of wildflowers: I have corrections to make. A friend was curious as to where I found wild sweet pea. And, um, I didn't. After showing her what I found, she told me I have finally met the infamous "fireweed" that I keep hearing about. Whatever it is, it's beautiful and lasts a long time in a vase!
Saw a huge patch of wild purple clover by the coffee shop near the dump today, and mean to go back with my vase and scissors. And the Queen Anne's Lace (my very favorite!) is in full bloom just about everywhere.

Allright, off I go. Bushy is taunting me, peering into the window. Time to find some rocks. Big ones.


Susan Stevenson said...

I'm looking forward to meeting you! And I'd love to walk with you too. Goodness knows I can use the exercise. A month on the road, with roadtrip food is NOT GOOD! LOL

Are you going to Golden Days this weekend? My hubby is working, but I never miss the festivities. Especially the RED GREEN REGATTA!

Tammy Kauffman said...

My dog was taunted by a squirel at our home off College Road. My dog would chase that thing up and down the fence line. To this day she hates squirrels and will try and get them at all cost. She once tried to jump our of our truck. Maybe you will be lucky and he will freeze this winter??? Keep us posted.