Monday, July 14, 2008

Rumor Has It...

...That someone shot the bear. I talked to my landlord this morning and she heard from someone at church that someone down Plack Road shot and killed a small black bear sometime earlier in the week. My landlord called Fish and Game to confirm this, but they said there hadnm't been a report of this rumored bear shooting. Probably someone without a license or without a bear tag. Either way, here's hoping the rumor is true.
And before any of you "bunny huggers" freak out and think I'm a horrible, mean creature for being glad the bear is rumored to be dead, um... you are welcome to hang my laundry for me if you are so concerned about it.

Bushy Update: I am so close to cussing in print here. The. Stupid. Squirrel. Not only did the squirrel demolish my husband's favorite shirt (and he wasn't exactly pleased to see it this morning!), The Stupid Squirrel has started digging apart and shredding our roof insulation.

Let me explain, for people who don't live up here. A lot of the houses have some kind of wierd foam-looking insulation on the roof covering. I have no idea what it's called, so don't ask me. I used to think it was kind of ugly, but I am thankful for the warmth it provides, and I DO realize that in a couple more months, it will be covered in snow and ice anyway.

Well... Bushy decided that she is REALLY mad that she's not being fed. No longer content to try to burrow into the living room, I woke to the sound of Bushy hammer-chewing her way through this insulation. I can only hope this stuff is toxic and might kill her. (Yes, yes, I know. Bunny-huggers hate me.)
I did the "right" thing and called the landlord. I told her this squirrel was about to meet an untimely death, especially since her trap is not working as planned.
I was once again instructed not to kill the squirrel. Apparently, her children ask about the squirrel daily, and want to move it to thier house, since The Stupid Squirrel is no longer a welcome resident with us. I personally think she is insane, and I can't wait to see what her husband thinks of the idea. Um, they also don't exactly live far enough away from us (they still live on the same street) for Bushy to get the point that she needs to live a few houses down. All I have to say is once the catch this stupid squirrel, it's open season if I catch Bushy in my yard again.
MY husband called HER husband and explained the squirrel situation in greater detail. HER husband was NOT happy that Bushy is now eating the insulation on the house, so he went to the shelter to get a 'specially made squirrel trap. (Um, is a .22 not an efficient trap???)

OK. J is finally home from work, so I'm off to enjoy some time with my husband, or even better, see if he would be kind enough to entertain Beans for the afternoon so I can lock myself into my sewing room for the day.
A drizzly day here, with peeks of sunshine. Not enough to get the clothes out on the line, but sunshine none the less.
To my dear friends in the lower 48 dealing with the miserable heat... our forcast here today is supposed to be "partly cloudy, a high of 65". To you I say, "Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah, Nyah!" *grin*
Love you guys!

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Susan Stevenson said...

This weather has been quite welcome. It's so hard to sleep when it's warm outside. I rather like the overnight temp falling into the 50s and the day temps only getting into the 60s. :) Then again... in a few months, I'll be fantasizing about 70s and 80s.

Thank goodness my squirrels don't bother the house. They sure are fat from all the sunflower seeds I put out though.

I hope the bear wasn't shot. I'd rather know that he finally found his way back to the woods and is on his way to greener pastures.