Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Race Is On

Madderbeans and I participated in a 5K fun run/walk today downtown, called The Mosquito Meander, benefitting the Fairbanks Counceling and Adoption center. We had a blast! The walk started at the gates of Pioneer Park and "meandered" (hahaha) through some of downtown before circling around back to Pioneer Park. Madderbeans had the easy route, chilling out in the stroller while I pushed and walked. I was longing for a nifty jogging stroller, and wished to be among the ranks of the mommies and daddies running with thier little ones instead of walking. Maybe next year.
Meanwhile, I was proud of myself. After spending 5 months of my pregnancy with Beans on bedrest and gaining, um, 65 lbs, it felt good to be down 55 lbs (what I've lost since I gave birth) and out there walking again. Should know my final "race time" in the next day or so, when they post the times on
The walk was beautiful, the last mile or so wandering by the Chena River, and many of the wildflowers are beginning to bloom. We didn't take time to stop and smell the wild roses (would have slowed our pace), but we did admire them from the path, and we chatted with many of the other walkers on our way.

One side note: I am a little bummed by the attitude of a lot of the military familes here. Seems like the majority of wives I meet really don't like it here. I've heard before that you either love Alaska or you hate it, but it's kind of sad to see the number of wives dissatisfied with thier current duty station. There is so much to do, so much to see, and it's just an amazing opportunity to be here.
It was nice to run (ahem, walk) into a few people who have lived here for several years, people who love it here, and chat with them about the area. Finally, no complaints about the lack of shopping, good restaurants, or "nothing to do"! It was refreshing to talk to some people who find Alaska as wonderful as we do, and to be excited about all the things you CAN do and explore, as well as people who are as ready to MAKE stuff to do when the environment doesn't supply it.

Ah, well... to each his own, eh? Talking to people who are on the "I hate it" side of Alaska only makes me see how much I really love it here. But maybe I'm crazy. (haha)

The race was a fun opportunity to get out and meet some people, most of whom I hope to run into again soon. Meanwhile, it also provided a good break from unpacking our furniture, which finally arrived!
On that note, I can not tell you how much I truly appreciate my big comfy bed again, especially after sleeping on an air mattress for a full month. Or how much I love running out of room in my kitchen for all my fancy gadgets, or how relieved I was to see Madderbean's exersaucer. The exersaucer and Walt Disney make the BEST babysitters, especially when you are unpacking an entire house by yourself because the Fire Station thinks they need your husband more than you do. (That's fine, the overtime check should be beautiful!)

Coming up this week:
-a trip to Delta Junction for the commissary and to stop in at the diner. Can't wait to see the scenery changes and this time, I'll have the camera!
-If I can find the USB cable, pictures should be up this week as well.
-What's springing up in the garden
-Upcoming plans for the Midnight Sun Festival, and how we plan to celebrate the sun not setting at all!

All right, y'all-
Time to go unpack more boxes!

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Susan Stevenson said...

I didn't like hearing all the 'negative nellies' dissing AK either. Even if they don't like it here, they should be making the most of their time here - they may never get back again!

The army has sent us to places that we knew weren't our 'forever home', but we always made the best of our time there.

I have a love/hate relationship with AK - but it's the same kind of relationship you have with some family members. Hahaha! This state is rich with *natural* experiences, and some of the nicest people I've ever met. That's why it was very important for me to meet civilians as well as military folks.

I hope that you and I can get together when I get back to town in mid July. Oh.. and can't you shop at the commissary on FWA?

Enjoy your drive! I love the scenery of the Richardson. Stop in at Rika's Roadhouse for a short walk and maybe a piece of pie. :)