Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hooray for the North Pole Fire Dept

Phew. Well, along with our belongings came loads of packaging material. I caught 7 month old Madderbeans choking this morning and discovered that she was pulling bits of plastic wrap from some of our furniture and trying to eat it. I THOUGHT I had gotten all the pieces out of her mouth at 9 am when she did this. All day loong, she kept behaving like she was chewing on something and I did my finger sweeps like a good mommy and paramedic, but found nothing. Through two naps, several nursings, and a couple meals, this chewing behavior continued, along with a little hacking cough. This evening around 5pm, bothered by this behavior, I checked her mouth again and discovered that she STILL had little bits of saran wraptype plastic in her mouth.

Being a paramedic, I did my best to remain calm and remove the pieces. But being a MOM, I freaked out. We rushed over to the fire station and let another paramedic take a look, and finally managed to clear her mouth of all the plastic she tried to eat today.

Hooray for the fellas down there at the fire station! They didn't treat me like the horribly negligent mommy I felt like, or like the idiot paramedic I felt like, for that matter. And hooray for Beans surviving her first run-in with the rescue squad (and not choking to death on plastic that she managed to keep in her mouth for a full 8 hours).

This seems to be a family milestone of sorts. As of today, all three of my children have officially needed EMS services in one way, shape, or form. Do-Bug needed them when I locked him in the car on a hot summer day, B needed then when he crashed his bike into a tree (being the most serious of all injuries, with a head injury and a trip to Children's hospital in a helicopter), and now little Beans has joined the ranks with her brothers. Sheesh.

What a day.

On the upside, I highly recommend the North Pole Fire Dept. A great group of fellas. I just hope we don't need them again any time soon.

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