Thursday, June 19, 2008

Things are Growing

Well, now that the majority of stuff is unpacked (only a few boxes remain, and they can wait), it was a day for some much needed rest. Basically, I turned into "slacker-mom" today, turning on AK Public TV for Beans and lounged around for most of the day, even fitting in a nap when Beans was kind enough to take one of her own.

Things are growing around here. I noticed the raspberry bushes beginning to bloom, and bees busily polinating today. Looks like we should have a pretty decent crop, which means I can do lots of homemade jams for gifts this year. Um, providing I don't screw up the canning, or lose half the crop to moose or bears. There is also an abundance of wild roses blooming all over the property, and that makes me happy. Not that I consider Alabama home (because I don't!), but it does remind me of my old rose garden back in the south, and I DO miss my old garden. It also looks like the wild irises I found a while ago are going to finally put out some blooms. Our neighbors' yards are splotched with beautiful white and yellow daisies. And our own yard is full of dandelions. I also have my "salad bar" (container gardening salad greens, mostly), which is beginning to sprout up and fill the pots.

It is amazing to watch things grow here! With the full sun, things grow big, and they do it quickly. You really CAN watch grass grow here! Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but you CAN look at the garden in the evening, not see anything at all, and the next morning, find a pot full of sprouts, or bushes that were just leaves seem to have sprouted buds AND flowers overnight. It amazes me how the scenery changes so rapidly.

Speaking of scenery changes, my roundtrip to Delta Junction was indeed completely different than the last time. Jarvis Creek and the Tanana River are no longer little trickles of water. Gone is the ice that we passed every week, and swift running water now fills the banks. The trees are in full bloom, and in lots of areas blocks the view of the river now. Little clumps of wildflowers are scattered everywhere. I don't know what they are called, but the "big purple clumps" are my favorite, and I want desperately to stop and collect some to dry.

Other things growing.... Beans, herself! I was thrilled and relieved to find her stash of cloth diapers and was anxious to get her back in them. Little did I know that over the last 6 weeks that we have been without her stuff, Little Beans got fat (yay for breastmilk!). Poor little Beans' fat little legs looked like sausages in thier casings. Good thing I had already ordered the next size up. Almost has me looking forward to her next doctor appointment, when I can see how much my little chunker has grown. And speaking of growing, she is also growing up... she's eating a good three solid food meals a day now, and so close to walking that she can't hardly stand it. She's cruised 'round and 'round the living room, daring to let go (then of course, needing hugs and kisses when she falls down). And... Daddy moved her to her crib in her own room this week. Ok. I miss her terribly (she's been in our room since she was born). But to Daddy's credit, she IS sleeping a little better in there.
They grow SO fast...

So, the summer solstice officially begins tomarrow (according to the guy on the news). I was surprised to hear that there still is an official "sunset" time, but the sun just goes below the horizon for a brief period of time. I think we are at just 2 hours of "sunset" now. I am jealous of the entrants of the Midnight Sun Run, but since it starts at 10 pm, well after Beans' (and my own!) bedtime, we'll have to miss that one.

Heading outside for one last glimpse at the sun and the garden, then off to bed.

P.S.- "Bushy" -the squirrel that lives in our roof, is beginning to get a little too big for her britches. She has started chattering at me when I try to use the front door, and even sounding off warning signals when I am in the yard. I wish I had never promised our landlord that we would continue feeding her. (She promised her kids we would keep Bushy around.) The stupid squirrel lives IN our roof. IN OUR ROOF. I hear the dang thing running around all night and all day, and now she is trying to threaten me for living in my own house. The only benefit I see to keeping her well-fed is Roasted Squirrel with Butternut Squash when she's good and fat.

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