Wednesday, June 18, 2008

No Moose?

Well, that was a first. Not a single moose on my drive to Ft Greely today. I even brought the camera, and was double bummed when there was too much cloud cover to get a good shot of the mountains today.
Ah, well... not like I don't have plenty of time to take some good pics, eh?

So, the previous weekend was full of discovering how, um... NOT careful the movers were with our worldly possessions. A lot of broken stuff. The good news: only a handful of "priceless" items were damaged, and while it's sad, we'll live, and find new priceless possessions, I'm sure.

Hubby has been doing lots of mandatory overtime this week. After a one day, two night stint at home, he was back to work, leaving Beans and I to our own devices.

I have to say, this is kind of a blessing in disguise. Don't get me wrong, I miss his company, but I am also discovering how tough I can be. I have singlehandedly (seriously, since my other arm was holding Beans, who refuses to be set down this week), moved furniture that no woman of my small frame should be able to move. Kind of reminded me of my old paramedic days, when the strong, buff firefighters would come rushing to my aide to life a 300 lb patient on the stretcher and I'd blow them off, proving my "worth" as a Woman in the Field. (Of course, I probably secretly gave myself a half dozen hernias trying to prove my, ahem, "manhood" out there, but I earned my place out there, too!)

Ah, I digress...

In the desperate need to restore some order to my home, I moved furniture and boxes, made several trips to the dump, and "got 'er dun", as us south'ners would say. We finally have some semblance of "HOME" in our house, and that feels good.

In other news:
-Hubby's car was fixed, now it's broken again. Back to the subaru guy to fix it. At least this time, we found out in town, so he didn't have to hitch-hike his way down Richardson Hwy to get to work.
-Madderbeans is maybe going to drive me crazy this week. Poor girl is miserable. Between teeth coming in and being severely attacked by mosquitos (looks like she has chicken pox, only it's mosquito bites, all over her face, hands, arms, and feet... anything that was exposed). Yup, between all that and just plain ol' being onery (she gets that from her daddy, though he'll deny it), I am beginning to doubt my sanity AND my parenting skills. Anyone who knows how to make an 8 month old baby cooperate, sleep, and allow you two minutes to yourself to pee without screaming loud enough to alarm the neighbors, I am officially soliciting advice.

Oh, and I feel like a shmuck for not calling a very nice mommy from the playground who invited me to go to the Midnight Sun Festival with her. It's officially on my list of things to do and people to call tomarrow. Hopefully she hasn't written me off as that "jerk mom" from the playground yet!

What a busy week!

On the agenda after the weekend: trying to pass the Alaska Driver's License test!

Hope everyone is doing well! More next week, when I'm doing more than just trying to keep my head above water!


Susan Stevenson said...

I studied for the AK driving test on the way to the test. Concentrate THOROUGHLY on the parts about insurance/fines for DUI - that stuff is taken very seriously up here and I swear I had 4 out of 20 questions about DUI and all that stuff.

It's a computer test (multiple choice) which makes it a bit easier. And if you fail the first time, don't fret. I know plenty of people who did. I was lucky that I passed, as I didn't need that additional stress put on me. :)

Kathy Slattengren said...

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