Friday, June 20, 2008

Kindred Spirits

So, I met a friend today... at least I HOPE I did. I met a really cool mom at the playground today. We have a lot in common, right down to our hippy roots. Her son introduced us, funny enough. A talkative little guy who basically followed me and Beans around the park insisting that I come meet his mom and sister. And I'm glad I did. Anyone ever read the Anne of Green Gables series? Anne speaks of Diane as her "kindred spirit", someone who knows and understands her thought processes, her mind and heart, someone that she doesn't have to explain herself to, someone that just "gets" her.
That's how I felt today... I didn't have to explain my crazy notions of pioneer living or the lifestyle we've chosen, because they do it too. (I heard all about it from her son first, then asked mom a bunch of curious questions!) And I also felt like someone else was relieved to have made a friend, as we both found someone who didn't think we were "nuts" for just living and loving our lives.
Who knows? Maybe I have found a good friend. I'd like to think so. She's definitely on the "call" list!

Beans and I returned from the playground exhausted, a little sun-kissed, and hungry, but both of us in good spirits. And the advantage of getting Beans around other kids is that she was completely worn out and graced me with an almost 2 hour nap, where I took advantage of the time to surf the web, catch up on email, and even work on one of my sewing projects.

So today's news probably sounds a little "dull", for those of you expecting excitement and drama, but to me, it feels like a comfortable settling-in feeling. We are picking up a new routine, meeting people, and having fun.

Today is the beginning of the summer solstice, so Happy Summer to everyone!
And Patti- if you are reading, happy anniversary (tomarrow)!

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Susan Stevenson said...

So glad you're meeting people! I had such wonderful friends (who moved or are moving away), and it's time for me to make some new ones. As soon as I slow down enough, that is! Still looking forward to meeting you someday. :)